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We are Lynn & MJ and we are sisters.  Our family owns a cottage on Youghall Beach, on the Bay of Chaleur in Northern New Brunswick, Canada.  This is where we spent our summers as children.  We played on the sandbars until the incoming tide forced our little feet to seek the shoreline.  We balanced on the anchored raft with friends, in rough waters, until our parents waved us in.  We collected agates, shells and beach glass and our memories of sun-kissed summer days have allowed for many wonderful conversations, even today.  As we have grown, matured (or at least tried to!) and raised families while working at our regular day jobs, our dream of immersing ourselves in a 'beachy' business venture has never been far from our minds.  In 2019, we sat down at a kitchen table in Moncton, NB and began jotting down ideas.  Within minutes, we were writing on any piece of paper that happened to be on the table.  We have been collecting beach glass for over 30 years and our collection is one that we are so ready and happy to share with you.  ENJOY!



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