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You will be happy to know that we use only the finest 925 sterling silver chains & findings

from our suppliers in British Columbia and Ontario.

Our gold option is also part of our dedication to 'Keeping it Canadian!'.

Our goal is to treat you with a pendant as close to 'from the sand to your hands' as possible.  

b e a c h l o v e   jewelry is abstract, and each piece glows with imperfections.  

Breathe Easy with our biodegradable shipping envelope and enjoy FREE SHIPPING (in Canada).



Choose from various rare pieces that we cherish.  We continue to find rare shapes and colours.  Ask us for photos of our inventory and we will help design your unique Signature pendant.


Combine two pieces of beach glass on a Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled Chain for a unique look from our DUO collection. 


This collection is as wide as the Bay of Chaleur!


Mostly green, white & brown pieces, creating stunning reflections and reminders of the beach.


Make  It Your Own

We welcome your creativity!  

Reach out to us on our chat line or send us an email and we will help design your MIYO. 

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Let's Get Salty Sassy T

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