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Did you walk on the sandbars, drive your bicycle or ride in a car to get there?  Did you stand in line on the deck outside, holding the screen door open for people behind you and chat with friends until you stepped inside?  Was it your first date?  Do you remember the smell of grilled hamburgers and yummy fries and so many choices of cold treats from the freezers?  When you reached the counter, did you stand on your tip toes to order?    We did, and we also remember being met with the happiest family on earth, singing, whistling, laughing and serving EVERY customer with the biggest smiles!  From 1976 to 1986, Mr. & Mrs. Kyte and their children served summer beach-goers , rain or shine.  Those were the innocent and carefree childhood memories of many from the Bathurst area and no matter where you were from, we hope you got to experience THE GOLDEN SANDS.


XS,S,M,L:  $32.00

XL and Up:  $33.00

Golden Sands Classic T

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